Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pipe Bursting

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pipe Bursting
Existing pipelines up to 450mm in diameter can be replaced or upsized along the same line/route using Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pipe Bursting equipment.

Pipe-bursting systems break out the old pipes while simultaneously drawing in a new polyethylene pipe behind the bursting head. This non-invasive and cost effective solution is ideal for replacing existing ductile iron, clay, pitch fibre, asbestos and cement pipework. 

Distances: Pipe lengths up to 150 metres.

Installation rates: Up to 100 metres per day dependent on the required diameter, the make-up/integrity of the existing pipe and the surrounding ground conditions.

Accuracy: Follows existing line, level and gradient.

Chiltern Thrust Bore has considerable expertise in Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pipe Bursting with over 20 years in the field installing pipes for various applications beneath items such as:

  • Domestic installations
  • Roads
  • Various watercourses including major rivers
  • Railways.
  • Runways and taxiways
  • Coastal sea defences
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Embankments/bunds etc...

the list goes on!

Advantages of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pipe Bursting

  • Dry method of installation – no slurry removal
  • Quick, efficient and therefore economic/cost effective
  • No disruption to the surface infrastructure or services
  • Unaffected by surface obstacles
  • Cost effective and time saving alternative to open cut methods when installing pipes amidst extensive underground infrastructure or at significant depths
  • Relatively small overall footprint for the Works
  • Pipework and cables can be installed in either straight or curved lines to help avoid underground complications
  • Cost effective when compared to more traditional trenching methods
  • Pipe bursting can increase the size of the existing service
  • A reduced requirement for possessions, road closures, opening notices etc, if required
  • A reduced requirement for restricted working hours
  • A reduced requirement for premium rate working

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